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BattlePaint BattlePaint

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good game

Your game is a pretty awesome game.

Though things you should take into mind are:

Make diffrent enemies after a time it got boring to look at the same stuff the whole time. A good thing whas you changed the music when going into special mode. I miss the special colours in the special mode though.

And lately I find myself seeking games where you can accomplish stuff.
Find new things etc. So you may wanna try to make a game in which you can upgrade your player or some kind of stuff. Thats because we humans are made that way that we want to accomplish stuff. One of the main things that kept me from stopping where the levels I went up. Also a good thing I miss in alot of games are the way the hardness increases. You did a great job increasing it.

I hope to see more of you.


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Neil Nailer Neil Nailer

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Soory but.

The graphics of the hud were just plain anoying.
Also I liked the game until the armored babys you added up the level of hardness WAY TOO FAST.
A tip for your future games is to make sure you make the game harder by small steps even if that means creating about 30 levels more.
You guys got potential and will be able to make a better game if you take some people with you to judge the game before releasing.
If you want I can critise a beta version for a game before release and I'll tell you what to improve on the possebilities of your programming skills.

Keep on the good work 8/10 for the effort.

Fucking Bugs Fucking Bugs

Rated 4 / 5 stars

~ A good game with a nice plot

The game had a good plot.
I liked the story that was going on it really gave me the feel i was killing bugs for the sake of the story.
It was a fun game but it should have been able to upgrade your bug and you should have made an auto eat option.
Also the keys werent really good placed I would suggest using left shift to eat and the arrow keys to move and the mouse to shoot.
But all in one its a fun game!

Keep on the good work you'll make even better games later on im sure of it ;)

MrRandomist responds:

glad someone liked the plot ;)
if we where to do a sequel we'd probably add those two things, maybe an upgrade tree like mentioned awhile ago....
but instead of using the shift key which is quite tedious at time i would rater use the E for Eat!

Catnarok- Longcat Rampage Catnarok- Longcat Rampage

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Bored after level 16

I got bored after level 16...